We take care of the complete creation of both emotional and technical professional videos. We design the screenplay, take care of the shooting and editing.

We provide complete corporate photo books with different types of shots: indoor photos of the team and of corporate events, industrial and product photography, and aerial photography with drone.

We create product catalogs, corporate brochures, company history books. We deal with the design of digital and printed brochures and the design of exhibition stands.

Are you looking for a certified drone operator for aerial shots of your company? We take care of the creation of your corporate video with high resolution aerial shots, or we add them to your corporate video!


We design a targeted corporate communication and we study advertising campaigns for individual products. We collect the requests of the company management and the sales force: we analyze the sector and competitors, the corporate image and its actual perception.

We design the corporate image for branding. We visually translate the company’s values ​​by processing logos and developing a coordinated image to make communication more efficient: we make a brand recognizable by identifying its style and market.

We implement strategies for social channels that can reach new customers or involve current ones more. We prepare and upload company content on social media, according to the different market dynamics and the peculiarities of each different network.

We study and refresh the digital presence of the brand. We improve the visibility and layout of the company website, we help it in search positioning, and in a long chain process, we also aim to influence the purchasing decisions of the end user.

the words of our CEO
“My mission has always been to ensure results for my customers.
I am obsessed with results, and to achieve them I am not happy to simply apply the traditional rules of corporate marketing. The letters that make up the word TOGO are the best way to explain exactly what TOGO MEDIA is.

T stands for TECHNOLOGY: because we use the most modern devices to develop your business;O is for OVER: because our product extends over and beyond the external appearance. Our communication goes beyond aesthetics, and is inspired by subliminal methods and neuromarketing;G is for GENDER: because a targeted business strategy must be diversified based on the users’ gender. Indeed, users can be divided by age group, nationality, sex or religion;O is for OBSESSION: because our obsession is to achieve all of the results our customers aim for, however with a style that distinguishes them from their competitors.”
Oscar Giacomin