Important pictures? Not with a smartphone!

interviste in azienda

When advising clients about communication we often debate about the quality of pictures taken with smartphones, as I don’t think they are ideal for use in flyers or other printed media. Photography is the handwriting of light and if the sensor is tiny, the working light too is limited.  I am not among those who […]

What’s the best content to publish on social media?

Finding something to publish on your social media channels so that your content is always fresh and interesting for your audience is difficult, but not impossible. People often make a banal mistake and publish content that is neither customized nor optimized for their followers, content that only serves to fill a page that would be […]

The psychology of sharing: what we publish and why

With the growth of social media, the practice of sharing content with those who follow us on the various social networks is becoming more and more widespread. What we share and why depends on many factors. The type of social network, the person’s character, the things they like and the type of emotion they are […]

Social media: how corporate communication changed during the Covid-19 emergency


The emergency represented by the pandemic upended the daily routine and habits of many people. Our only windows on the outside world were the displays of our electronic devices, and digital communication became the only way to stay in touch with each other. Accordingly, since the beginning of the lockdown there was an increase in […]

Increase the reach of your Facebook posts: here’s how

Is the coverage of your Facebook posts always very low? The fault lies with EdgeRank, the Facebook algorithm that determines the visibility of a post in the newsfeed, also called the “reach”. It seems that the strategy of Zuckerberg & Co. is to deliberately lower the reach of posts so as to monetise the enormous […]

The superchat that will let the world converse


/ Zuckerberg has thus broken the promises he made in the past / We’ll talk about Zuckerberg and his WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram platforms. Given the business that revolves around remote working globally, Zuckerberg does not want to miss out, and thus has developed a superchat platform that will connect the entire web: the Facebook Rooms already […]

Newsletter marketing


/ Building a better customer loyalty program / A successfully integrated marketing strategy relies on creating a seamless experience between multiple and communicating marketing ‘levers’. To give a few examples of some of these levers, they include company website and logo, external chat (such as WhatsApp) and smart working customer services, social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), the […]

Youtube celebrates its 15th anniversary


/ A $15 billion business / I am often asked how important it is for a company to use YouTube to upload ‘Company Profile’ or individual product videos. I always reply by reporting the numbers declared by YouTube itself, not only because they are incredible but above all because they describe the resolution quality of the videos […]