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It is essential that corporate publications - digital and print - maintain the style of the brand. Graphic processing visually translates the company's values and amplifies the marketing strategy.


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corporate graphics

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The creation of a brochure or catalogue, in digital format or printed on paper, is the most direct way of presenting products and services.
It is essential for publications to maintain the same style as the brand, as these are an important part of the coordinated image.

Design of corporate catalogues or brochures, dimensions, page layout, written content and high-res photos are key components for successful communication.

Creating an aesthetically-pleasing product catalogue with attention to the smallest details has a significant impact on the sale of products and services.

The brand identity must be emphasised so that the shapes and colours recall the company’s characteristics.

A complete service.
We take care of everything

Creating a successful publication requires close interaction between three essential figures: the photographer, for the creation of high resolution photos, the designer for organisation of the graphics and layout of the pages, and the copywriter for writing quality texts.

TOGO Media brings together all of these figures, who work side by side throughout the project.

We create catalogs, corporate brochures, company history books, brochures, and flyers in all formats.

Finally, we offer advice on printing materials and formats and on typographic techniques that can highlight the unique features of your company.

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Web site design + SEO.
Your global showcase

Yes, anybody can set up a website… but we build strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce credibility.

Creating your own content can be a challenge… yes, you are an expert in your field, but you’re not a copywriter, editor, and graphic designer.  This is why you need a team to work together to create, edit, revise, and design your website.

SEO is the process of optimizing a website’s content so that it ranks higher in the Search Engine results. Advanced techniques enable us to understand Google’s algorithms and identify the factors that can help your website to rank higher.

Exhibition stands + gadgets.
Design to involve

Exhibition design is a service provided to companies that take part in trade shows. The architecture of spaces and display solutions can also involve retail stores, shows, company showrooms, museums, events or public spaces.
The goal is to make the user experience immersive, reducing as much as possible the distances that separate them from the object of the promotion. Every place and every structure can be transformed into an exhibition and communication space to emotionally convey its essence and products to the public.
TOGO Media designs and develops the image of your exhibition stands, the related advertising material, invitation campaigns for guests with special newsletters and corporate gadgets.

Text and data.
Multiple languages services

We prepare the texts for your publications.

TOGO Media deals with all types of composition: captions for photos, technical datasheets, interviews, descriptive texts, presentations of the company and its products, and even complex texts such as books and research papers.
We also process statistical data and customized market research, so as to create infographics or leaflets.
The services can also be provided in multiple languages.

Advertising graphics
digital + printed

We package your advertising for different targets. We design advertisements in any size format, both printed and for the web, from animated banners up to large format ads. TOGO Media works either with the photographic material supplied by the company, or producting new material, based on the customer’s needs.