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The importance of BRANDING

A well-defined communication style, a coordinated image and an organized marketing plan increase the awareness of the corporate brand, and with it the visibility of the company.

Without forgetting that a winning strategy always works on the unconscious part of the buying process.

The Company image why it must be coordinated


This is the first step in the definition of a corporate identity or brand and involves translating all of the company’s values and mission into a visual form. For successful branding, strategies need to be devised that also involve the unconscious part of the brain: indeed the brand must attract the public’s attention and generate an image of authoritativeness and confidence in the unconscious mind; all other communication tools will then depend on this, from the logo to the catalogue, newsletters, packaging, trade show booth and website, from social media channels to video profiles and individual products, and so on.

TOGO Media creates logos (we update existing logos or design new ones as well), creates websites and develops your coordinated corporate image. Coordinated image refers to a consistent set of corporate communications. Such consistency applies to the visual communication elements, such as logos, colours, fonts, layout and graphic presentation of documents, commercial and promotional communications.

Having a coordinated image is essential, as it makes communication more efficient: it gives the target precise reference points, making them immediately recognize the company or brand that the communication refers to, understanding its style and market.


Selling is a

Neuromarketing is the application of the knowledge and practices of neuroscience to marketing. The aim is to analyze the unconscious processes that take place in the consumer’s mind and that influence purchase decisions or emotional involvement with a brand. This field combines knowledge of behavioral economics and cognitive and social psychology. The intertwining of these disciplines allows a much more complete picture to be created of the consumer and their everyday choices.

We provide consulting for targeted corporate communication and the design of advertising campaigns focused on single products that take all of these variables into account. Our work starts by identifying the needs of the company’s management and the sales team. We then proceed with detailed analysis of the sector and the company’s competitors, and with evaluations and analysis of how the company currently communicates its image and how this is actually perceived by the public.
TOGO Media therefore works closely with companies and their staff, so as to understand every single nuance and need. We create your newsletters, without accessing your databases, and provide effective copywriting (copywriting analyses the target audience and captures their attention through persuasive, emotional texts).

Finally, we offer advice on printing materials and formats and on typographic techniques that can highlight the unique features of your company.

Social Media Management
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A marketing strategy is much better for your brand reputation!

Social media marketing is a set of multi-purpose strategies, tailored to suit social media platforms, that companies and brands can use to promote their products or services, reach new customers or more closely involve current customers and, last but not least, build and disseminate their image and values.

Social media marketing is not simply sponsored content: it is about improving the brand’s digital presence, boosting visibility and positioning in searches, and across a long chain-line process, can also influence the final user’s purchasing decisions.

Togo Media produces, packages and uploads your corporate content to your social networks, based on the different market dynamics and unique aspects of each different channel.