Oscar Giacomin, Togo Media Art Director & CEO

What is Togo Media

the words of our Art Director & CEO

My mission has always been to ensure results for my customers.

I am obsessed with results, and to achieve them I am not happy to simply apply the traditional rules of corporate marketing.

The letters that make up the word TOGO are the best way to explain exactly what Togo Media is.

T stands for TECHNOLOGY: because we use the most modern devices to develop your business;

O is for OVER: because our product extends over and beyond the external appearance. Our communication goes beyond aesthetics, and is inspired by subliminal methods and neuromarketing;

G is for GENDER: because a targeted business strategy must be diversified based on the users’ gender. Indeed, users can be divided by age group, nationality, sex or religion;

O is for OBSESSION: because our obsession is to achieve all of the results our customers aim for, however with a style that distinguishes them from their competitors.


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